Hercules Lofts with new windows

The Hercules Engine Co. occupied this site from 1915 until 1999 manufacturing a variety of engines.
During WW II they were the leading manufacture of Truck Engines for the US and the Allies.

This First Phase of the adaptive reuse of the Canton Ohio landmark into 90 apartments began planning
prior to the 2008 recession and was revived as the economy recovered. Historic Tax Credits provided a
critical component in the financing therefor the window replications need to meet the strict standards
of the National Parks and State Historic Preservation Office.

Countering the high windloads inherent in these enormous window units, some as large as 7’-2” x 12’,
would require innovative solutions. Moreover, window units at this size would weigh close to 600
pounds. So beyond designing a unit that would perform as specified, we had to provide an efficient
means of fabrication and installation, as well.

Click below to view the Manufactures Case Study for these special windows