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Three Levels of Preservation

Jamieson Ricca is committed to the preservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings and landmarks.

Local: Cleveland Restoration Society

State: Ohio History Connection

Federal: National Parks Service Historic Preservation

Quality and Integrity; Our Keys to Success

Longevity in any business and especially construction requires commitment to quality and integrity. From our first day, today and into our future we know this will be true. Jamieson Ricca Fenestration. has been in continuous operation in Cleveland since 1969 delivering complete commercial window solutions to General Contractors and as the General Contractor for hundreds of projects. We thrive and grow during the lean as well as prosperous years because we have earned our clients trust and remain their first call when they begin a new project or investigate the adaptive reuse of a Historic Building.

Why Call Jamieson Ricca First?

As you first consider an older building for rehabilitation call us, chances are we’ve been there already. If we’ve not; we are certain to have seen your ‘unique’ conditions and ‘unusual’ window assemblies in the past. The photos here are a small sample of recent building tours and initial consulting services we have provided. There are few conditions we haven’t already seen and provided solutions for.

Our passion for Historic window replication originates long before the various Tax Credit incentives were conceived. Jamieson Ricca pioneered the side-by-side shop drawing process that is so common today. We recognized that Architects and Owners appreciated JR as a consultant with capacity to Design, Engineer, Procure and Install window systems. Our side-by-side drawing experience with the State Historic Preservation Office assures clients timely and affirmative review.

Why Continue with Jamieson Ricca as Consultant and your Provider / Installer?

Jamieson Ricca has developed strong relationships with a wide range of manufactures of windows, trim, panning and accessories. These relationships provide JR with the best pricing and scheduling that ultimately benefits the client’s budget. We continuously search for the best solution for our clients and vet new manufactures to include in our offerings. We don’t ‘sell product’, we design and install solutions, and we’ve seen it all!

Why Know Jamieson Ricca for the Future?

The renaissance of Downtowns across the Midwest as well as the ever growing interest in the preservation of Historic buildings has provided Jamieson Ricca opportunity to grow and to advance our capability and capacity. In 2016 we revise our branding and company name to Jamieson Ricca Fenestration. The notion that we only provide the Window did not sufficiently describe the entire scope of service we provide. We provide the Consulting, Design and Installation of all the components necessary to complete the window opening. Fenestration clearly implies we are more than windows.

Our growth also provided the opportunity to purchase our own building in 2016. This will permit consolidation of our Office, Engineering, Showroom and Warehouse space into one location.

As we approach our 50th Anniversary we see a bright future for Cleveland, the Midwest and our Clients!

Can you correctly identify the locations these photographs? Identify 15 of the 20 and win dinner for six at the Market Garden restaurant on West 25th Street in Cleveland Ohio.