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Hercules Lofts

Hercules Lofts with new windows

The Hercules Engine Co. occupied this site from 1915 until 1999 manufacturing a variety of engines.
During WW II they were the leading manufacture of Truck Engines for the US and the Allies.

This First Phase of the adaptive reuse of the Canton Ohio landmark into 90 apartments began planning
prior to the 2008 recession and was revived as the economy recovered. Historic Tax Credits provided a
critical component in the financing therefor the window replications need to meet the strict standards
of the National Parks and State Historic Preservation Office.

Replication of steel factory sash windows is typically a specialized engineering and procurement
challenge. This project was special. The size of the existing windows for Hercules required custom
engineering and resulted in the largest unitized replication systems ever executed by our manufacture.

Large windows also required specialized shipping and installation means and methods. Jamieson Ricca
has the capacity and ability to state with confidence that ‘no window is too big for us to replicate.

The Cleveland Restoration Society recognized this project as the 2018 Distinguished Restoration &
Rehabilitation Award.

Jamieson Ricca has developed a comprehensive approach to large opening that none of our competitors
can provide.

PROJECT TYPE: Historic Window Replication; Consultation, Design, Engineering Procurement and
Installation of large steel sash replication

CLIENT: Broadview Development LLC. PCS Builders Cleveland


Consultation: Window Opening Assessment, Window Design, Product Selection, Specification and
Design Assistance, Engineering.

Procurement, Delivery and Installation: Critical schedule and logistics coordination.


Hercules Lofts with new windows by Jamieson Ricca

Graham Case Study:


Cornell Turcu: Project Manager

Rick Pollman: Construction Manager

Hercules Lofts with new windows
Hercules Lofts with new windows
Hercules Lofts with new windows
Hercules Lofts new Interior with Windows
Hercules Lofts new Interior with Windows
Hercules Lofts new Interior with Windows